Electrician discusses Smart Meter hazards (VIDEO)

NOTE: If you have flickering lights or other electrical issues mentioned in this video and you have evidence of a potential fire situation, and/or you detect heat from the meter or electrical panel or you hear sounds (eg. popping, sizzling),  contact your fire department. Take pictures and/or video of the meter, electrical panel, and socket. Document everything. Get the name and business card of the utility company representative who investigates and fire department personnel. 

Michigan utility companies DTE and Consumers Energy use Itron Centron OpenWay electric Smart Meters.

From Smart Meter Education Network
July 30, 2016

Why do smart meters catch fire, melt, or blow up? Why are your lights flickering after a smart electric meter was installed? Is this dangerous?

Redford, Michigan electrician Rob Marx discusses these issues.

10 minute video



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