(VIDEO) WXYZ Channel 7 — Analog Meter Choice: Michigan bill would let customers opt out of smart meters

From Smart Meter  Education Network
Posted May 23, 2016


WXYZ Channel 7 reports on the introduction of Michigan’s Analog Meter Choice Bill. DTE does not respect customer choice, health concerns, and privacy concerns. Learn more about the bill at SmartMeterEducationNetwork.com.

DTE cut off power to a very few customers in 2015, trying to make an example of them. Customers continue to lock their meters. Many have had locked meters for 4 years or more. DTE’s shut-offs were illegal, but no one has fought them.

To get the bill passed, you MUST WRITE TO YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATOR. Learn more at http://www.smartmetereducationnetwork.com/optout-legislation-michigan.php

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