Tucson, Arizona: Huge water bill for new house with no running water — “The meters are wrong.”

Spokesperson Fernando Molina says that while meter malfunctions are possible. [t]here’s been less than 5 documented cases in the last 20 years.

“There is always that chance that the meter is over-registering but it is extremely rare…”

See the comments posted with the article as of 11-12-16.

Mr. Molina, you’re lying to the public.

The archives on this site have news reports of Smart Meter overbilling and inaccuracy — water and electric — for no reason. Wireless interference from other wireless devices, including other Smart Meters, is the culprit, as well as heat, moisture and other environmental impacts to the cheap electronics.

Tucson residents have the choice of fighting to get their analog meters returned or letting the water company steal their money. 


From KVOA — News 4 Tucson Investigators

Meter Mysteries
November 10, 2016
Written By Nick VinZant

How can a new house, one with no running water, rack up a massive water bill.

That’s the question Chris Rechlin wants Tucson Water to answer.

“It’s impossible. This is a vacant home. Nobody has ever lived in it. It’s brand new construction,” said Rechlin.

Rechlin says that last month he got a $1251 water bill, for using nearly 80,000 gallons of water.

An inspection found no leaks, and when Rechlin called Tucson water about the bill he says he was told that maybe someone stole it.

“Nobody is stealing water, nobody is using water. There is not a toilet that is overflowing in here. The meters are wrong,” said Rechlin.

Rechlin isn’t the only one to get a massive October water bill.

Eric Weiss says he got a $300 bill after his water use suddenly jumped by more than 20,000 gallons.

“There is no sign of that water ever being used. So I’m convinced that something happened to cause that meter to jump,” said Weiss.

“Maybe it shorted out briefly or something I don’t know. But there’s no way I used that water,”

So could something be going wrong with Weiss and Rechlin’s meters?

News 4 Tucson Investigator Nick VinZant went to Tucson Water to find out.

Spokesperson Fernando Molina says that while meter malfunctions are possible. There’s been less than 5 documented cases in the last 20 years.

“There is always that chance that the meter is over-registering but it is extremely rare. And by and large meters tend to under-register,” said Molina.

An audit of Rechlin’s water bill has been scheduled for next week.

Molina says that if you believe your meter is malfunctioning you can get it tested for around $110.


Derek Granger
Tucson, Arizona

Exact same story here. Suddenly I had a 700 dollar bill and next month it was back to 60. No leaks, no theft, no trace of those thousands of gallons of water they claim I used.

 Nov 11, 2016 7:45am

Brian Love

I to have received higher than normal water bills after new meters where installed, once on my primary residents and then just last month at my rental property. The water company said they can not say the meter is faulty. I had the water company come out and check the meter and it was performing as normal, no leaks. They said somebody is stealing my water. I live in the middle of nowhere. In both case the water usage returned to normal the next month. They ended up getting a extra couple hundred dollars out of me.

Nov 11, 2016 6:44am

Tony Ray Baker
Realtor at Tierra Antigua Realty

Just recieved a bill for $600 dollar, same exact story as Bill. Auditor came to my house twice, could not find any thing. Do you know the facebook page or how to contact Bill?

Nov 11, 2016 4:30am

David Fossdal

Similar story here, too. 2 adults, no drip system, A/C (no evap used), no leaks, toilets checked out OK. So where did 12,000 gallons of water go??? The City did “give” us a “courtesy adjustment” of 1/2 of the loss. And NO adjustment on the sewer side. “That’s the county’s juristiction” . BLAH, BLAH,BLAH, we’re still out the cash.

Nov 11, 2016 6:33pm

Esmeralda Maken
Tucson, Arizona

I also received a 500$ bill at my moms home. One woman no kids no pets. I also called they came read meter, no signs of leaks and no explanation just had to fork the money up. This happened in August of2016 here in Tucson

Nov 11, 2016 4:27pm


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