“Highly personalized profiles of each and every customer” — companies decode Smart Meter data for energy utilities

Utility companies say they only get aggregate, anonymous data from Smart Meters  and that your energy usage data is completely private. This is what actually happens to your energy data.

December 7, 2016

“A quick video to help you understand what ONZO do and who we are”

…We take energy consumption data from smart meters and sensors. We analyze it using our patented algorithms, and build a highly personalized profile for each and every utility customer.

We then tag this profile with a key behavioral, attitudinal and lifestyle characteristics that we have identified. We even tag the appliances that we see being used in the home.

We then use this characterized profile to give the utility 3 things:

1. Customer engagement apps that educate the end customer, build levels of trust, and ultimately reduce customer churn;

2. A detailed description of each end customer that helps the company provide more appropriate services and highly targeted sales campaigns;

3. The ability to monetize their customer data by providing a direct link to appropriate 3rd party organizations based on the customer’s identified character.

So, from a thin stream of energy consumption data, ONZO delivers significant business value for as little as the price of a cup of coffee.

ONZO, the Customer in focus.

From ONZO, February 9, 2016

ONZO, a global provider of data science-based utility analytics solutions, announces a major enhancement to its ONZO Insight software.  With the addition of new multi-level data mining capabilities, utilities can now combine and query data at much more granular level to more fully unlock the power of their smart meter and sensor data. Equally significant, with ONZO Insight, this can now be achieved with no need for deployment of specialized in-home hardware often required with competing analytics solutions.  This new macro-level insight enhances the highly personalized understanding of household-level energy usage for which ONZO is well known.

“Millions of AMI data points and hundreds of thousands of additional metrics and values can now be combined and analyzed, taking utility customer data mining to a whole new level and driving decision-making capabilities that weren’t even possible before,” noted ONZO’s chief data scientist Dr. Katie Russell.

Leveraging sophisticated new query functionality and the patented analytics embedded in the ONZO Insights platform, utilities have new options to explore multiple dimensions of data not only at a micro level for every individual customer, but also at a macro, customer group level – from neighborhoods, to entire service territories, to specified demographic clusters.

…commented Spencer Rigler, ONZO CEO. “And since it’s these insights that feed and govern effective customer engagement, utilities can now enhance the customer experience and build the kinds of relationships that can only be achieved when you really bring your customers into strong focus.”

From the Telegraph, July 30, 2015

ONZO is an innovative leader in cloud-based data analytics. It enables utilities to first of all understand their customers on a personalised, per-household basis; and secondly, engage with them as individuals with real practical and relatable advice as well as incentives and rewards for positive behavioural change.

…Furthermore, offering advice based on actual energy usage and identifying practical initiatives that actually relate to personal usage makes the customer feel better understood and as a result, more responsive to new incentives and more likely to change their behaviour as they see benefits.


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