Testimony in Michigan: “They treated me as if I was a criminal…terrorized me…they cut me off” – what Consumers Energy did to one disabled customer with five doctors’ letters who asked to keep her analog meter (VIDEO)

Jaime Chimner testimony to Michigan House Energy Policy Committee
January 16, 2018



Jaime Chimner: I was cut off on September 11 of 2015 because I had 5 doctors’ letters saying that a Smart Meter or digital meter would severely harm me healthwise…And it’s still shut off. ..They cut me off because I couldn’t, for my life, have a Smart Meter or a digital meter. I was given 13 hours notice that they were going to cut our power because I couldn’t, I would not accept a digital or Smart Meter.

…What gives them the right to do that? Where do we live in a world where this Smart Meter program was supposed to be voluntary when it first started, we were supposed to volunteer to get it? We didn’t have to get it. Well, now I’m proof that you have to get it, or they’ll cut your power.

It doesn’t matter what you have, what reasons, they just smile at you and terrorize you. And he terrorized me that day when he came to shut of our power. I begged him , I begged this man not to shut my power off. I have machines I have to use to live…

…they treated me as if I was a criminal….

…Please do the right thing and pass the Meter Choice bill or I’m not going to have a choice and I won’t be here much longer if that goes on my house. Thank you very much….

Rep. Lower: …What’s wrong with the digital opt-out meter? What problems does it cause? Or could you have that meter?

Jaime Chimner: No, that was the meter that was on my house actually for 6 years, and I, we didn’t realize it. It affects my health.

Rep. Lower: In what way?

Jaime Chimner: It paralyzed me. After 6 years and finally figuring out what was on our house, when the Smart Meters were coming. I was paralyzed from the waist down most days. I was homebound in a wheelchair by that point and not given a whole lot of time left to live. We couldn’t find what was causing my problem.

NOTE: Jaime Chimner was given disabled accommodation by the Michigan legislature. She is disabled by electromagnetic sensitivities (EMS). The legislature allowed her to testify first so that she could limit her time in the hearing room, which has wireless internet (Wi-Fi).

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