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Michigan: Sen. Patrick Colbeck talks about security problems and other threats with Smart Meters

8 minute testimony by Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck on the vulnerabilities of smart meters. He has a highly technical background in aerospace and states what many of us have said for years regarding their threats to individuals and the grid. … Continue reading

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Is PG&E overbilling opt-out customers with “estimated” utility bills?

From EMF Safety Network February 9, 2017 If you are a smart meter opt-out customer, you might want to call PG&E to find out if they’ve correctly billed you. People are getting higher bills because PG&E is reading meters every … Continue reading

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Michigan: State representative seeking support for bill to ban opt-out fees

From WILX, News 10 February 7, 2017 LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – There’s a move in the state legislature to get rid of fees that utilities charge to customers who want to keep their “old meters”. On Friday, News 10 reported … Continue reading

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Health experts criticize North Carolina Smart Meter report

PDF of this letter August 2, 2016 Edward S. Finley, Jr., Chair North Carolina Utilities Commission Subject: Docket Number E-7 Sub 1115 – Smart Meter Opt-Out Fees Dear Chairman Finley: We, the undersigned, are a group of scientists and health … Continue reading

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Illinois: ComEd may seek extension to deadline requiring Smart Meters for all customers

Smart Meters are mandated in Illinois. The cumulative time of transmissions which ComEd rep McMahan gives in the article below — 5 minutes over a 24 hour period — is much higher than many meters. These transmissions are very brief pulses. If each pulse is … Continue reading

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(VIDEO) WXYZ Channel 7 — Analog Meter Choice: Michigan bill would let customers opt out of smart meters

From Smart Meter  Education Network Posted May 23, 2016 2:16 WXYZ Channel 7 reports on the introduction of Michigan’s Analog Meter Choice Bill. DTE does not respect customer choice, health concerns, and privacy concerns. Learn more about the bill at … Continue reading

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Michigan Attorney General Schuette: People should have choice about Smart Meters. Legislators agree

From Midland Daily News October 22, 2015 Glenn bill backs Schuette action on ‘smart meters’ Utility customers in Michigan would have the option of choosing between a new advanced meter and existing traditional equipment to measure their home energy usage … Continue reading

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