Electrical engineer explains to Michigan legislature why Smart Meters are causing high bills (VIDEO)

Some main points:

  • These Smart Meters and digital meters have a switched mode power supply inside that creates harmonics, also known as transients.
  • The transients travel on the wiring throughout the home.
  • Transients are seen by the current sensors and voltage sensors in the meter and are counted as consumed electricity.
  • Other electric appliances have “EMC” filters in them to filter out transients. Smart Meter manufacturers did not put “EMC” filters in Smart Meters or digital meters.
  • No agency mandated “EMC” filters in Smart Meters or digital meters.
  • Transients on the wiring equate to higher bills. Bill Bathgate has seen 16-40 volts peak-to-peak of transients.
  • ANSI, which creates standards and tests meters, is a private industry-funded organization. It is not a federal standards agency.
  • ANSI allows meter manufacturers to remove the electronics from digital meters before they are tested for compliance, including testing their ability to handle surges.
  • ANSI’s definition of accuracy is very, very different, and ANSI does not address the precision of Smart Meters to consistently and repeatedly give the right reading.
  • Analog meters are transparent; a customer can verify their bill by looking at the meter.
  • Smart Meters and digital meters’ calculations and algorithms are known only to the utility company and cannot be verified by the customer. Contrary to utility company and Smart Meter manufacturer claims, the customer is NOT in control of their bill. Example of one customer who complained, and his bill dropped for no reason.

From Michigan Stop Smart Meters

Electrical engineer Bill Bathgate testifies before Michigan House Energy Committee on 2/13/18. Committee is responding to hundreds of complaints about inflated energy bills. Bathgate testifies that he has run tests that show that both the smart electric meter and the smart meter with radio turned off are wildly innacurate but the traditional analog meter is accurate and gives repeatable results.


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