France: 85-yr-old wins lawsuit against EDF/Enedis for Linky meter overbilling

Linky meters are Smart Meters.

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The Linky meter had multiplied its bill by five: Gilberte, 85 years old, made EDF fold – – 25/11/2019

The EDF bill for a Pas-de-Calais retiree had been multiplied by five after the installation of the Linky meter. After several months of proceedings, she has finally won in court. Gilberte is grateful. She lives “a bit old-fashioned”. In his Arras apartment in Pas-de-Calais there is a fridge, a TV and a washing machine. Amount of her electricity bill: around € 100 per year. 

In February 2017, EDF came to install the Linky meter in its accommodation. “A few months later, I received my first invoice. My consumption was multiplied by eight,” testifies Gilberte in La Voix du Nord . It was maddening. “She contacts EDF but, according to her, the company does not want to know anything.” They told me that I had cheated, that I had tampered with my old meter. I invited them to come and see that I had few cameras, but nobody came and they asked me to pay, “added the old lady in the Parisian .

The Energy Mediator offers her a € 50 discount on her bill. Out of the question for Gilberte who continues to transfer to EDF the same monthly payment as usual. EDF revived it and ended up cutting off electricity in September 2018 for two months.

Supported by two collectives, ACCAD and CALGEA62, Gilberte decides to go to court, convinced of the wrongs of the electricity supplier. The district court agreed with her, two and a half years later.

“According to the old meter, the consumption of Mrs. Morel was on average 6 KWH per month (…) according to the Linky meter, it was 275 KWH per month”, explains Pierre Rose, member of the anti-Linky ACCAD collective . 

EDF and Enedis are ordered to pay her 1,500 euros in damages and interest and 800 euros in legal aid. This court decision is a first. “We take note of this decision and we will apply it. It is a perfectly isolated and exceptional case”, reacts Enedis to La Voix du Nord .

Despite this victory, Gilberte remains suspicious. Every night, when she goes to bed, she cuts the circuit breaker on her Linky meter.

Jean-Marie Louis

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