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SF Chronicle — California 2009 cell phone advisory gutted in later versions, state refuses FOIA request; Sen. Kamala Harris blocked document access

From the San Francisco Chronicle New records show how state reworked secret cell phone warnings by Melody Gutierrez May 19, 2017 State health officials, over a five-year period, wrote and revised guidelines for safe use of cell phones. SACRAMENTO — … Continue reading

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10 reasons why handheld devices should be banned for children under the age of 12

In addition, the research not cited in this article is the NIH National Toxicology Program study which found 8.5% of male rats developed malignant heart tumors, malignant brain tumors or pre-cancerous lesions after only 2 years of exposure, from conception … Continue reading

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California: Silicon Valley physician urges caution on wireless

From Santa Clara County Medical Association Bulletin January/February 2017 PDF (also contains references) 5G – A Wireless Future Will it give us a smart nation or contribute to an unhealthy one? By Dr. Cindy Russell, SCCMA V.P. Community Health It would … Continue reading

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Synopsis: Wi-Fi Radiation in Schools in Maryland — Final Report

From SaferEMR.com Based upon a review of the research and public input, the Maryland Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council adopted a report on Wi-Fi Radiation in Maryland Schools in December, 2016. The report makes the following recommendations: “The … Continue reading

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Are my toys playing with my DNA?

The author asks, “What is a really safe distance?” No safe exposure level has ever been established. Research findings at various radiation levels show different aspects, not levels, of risk. Low power emissions sometimes have a greater effect than high … Continue reading

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Your cell phone money-back guarantee

By Will Thomas All cell and portable phones ought to come with this ironclad money-back guarantee: Brain damage is absolutely guaranteed every time you make a call on a cell or portable phone. After two minutes of cell phone exposure, … Continue reading

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