Review: Effects of electromagnetic fields exposure on the antioxidant defense system

Very clearly written on EMF and RF impacts on biological cells, free radical formation, and oxidative stress. Important information for the public and for health professionals.

Full review article and PDF at

Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure
Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 167-176
Open Access

Elfide Gizem Kıvrak, Kıymet Kübra Yurt, Arife Ahsen Kaplan, Işınsu Alkan,Gamze Altun
Department of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Samsun, Turkey
Under a Creative Commons license

Technological devices have become essential components of daily life. However, their deleterious effects on the body, particularly on the nervous system, are well known. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have various chemical effects, including causing deterioration in large molecules in cells and imbalance in ionic equilibrium. Despite being essential for life, oxygen molecules can lead to the generation of hazardous by-products, known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), during biological reactions. These reactive oxygen species can damage cellular components such as proteins, lipids and DNA. Antioxidant defense systems exist in order to keep free radical formation under control and to prevent their harmful effects on the biological system. Free radical formation can take place in various ways, including ultraviolet light, drugs, lipid oxidationimmunological reactions, radiation, stress, smoking, alcohol and biochemical redox reactionsOxidative stress occurs if the antioxidant defense system is unable to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals. Several studies have reported that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body. Exposure to EMF is known to increase free radical concentrations and traceability and can affect the radical couple recombination. The purpose of this review was to highlight the impact of oxidative stress on antioxidant systems.

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California: Danville City Council tells Verizon: We’re not going to be bowled over…We say, No! (VIDEO)

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Derrick Broze, TMU
Mar. 14, 2019

On March 6, the Danville Town Council voted four to one to block a permit for an upcoming small cell wireless installation by Verizon. During the meeting, Danville Mayor Robert Storer stated that the vote was an effort to stand up to the federal government and telecommunications companies, like Verizon.

The Danville Town Council’s decision to deny the land use-permit for the small cell opens the town to possible lawsuits from Verizon.

We’ve made a lot of difficult decisions over the years, and this one is right up there in my top three. But that is exactly why somebody elects us to do the right things,” Mayor Robert Storer said during the council meeting. We’ve lost local control and this says: ‘You know what? We are sick of this and we’re not going to just sit here and be bulled over.’ We say no; we play our cards out. We’ve been in lawsuits before.”

The installation of small cell sites is taking place around the nation as the U.S. government and telecommunications companies roll out 5th Generation—or 5G—cellular technology. The new technology is expected to herald the beginning of Smart Cities, where driverless cars, pollution sensors, cell phones, traffic lights, and thousands of other devices interact in what is known as “The Internet of Things”. However, there have been a number of health and privacy concerns raised by opponents of the rapidly advancing 5G technology expansion.

The controversial vote came after the Town Council had been inundated with complaints and concerns from Danville residents who worry the new small cell site and other 5G related infrastructure could have negative health effects. The installation of small cells and other 5G infrastructure is opposed by Danville Citizens for Responsible Growth (DCRG), a local group who has been putting pressure on the Town Council since at least October 2018.

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Missouri: Independence City Council rejects Smart Meter proposals

From The Examiner of East Jackson County

By Mark Genet
March 19, 2019

There will be no digital smart meters in the foreseeable future for Independence utility customers.

The City Council voted Monday against entering a contract with either vendor for advanced metering infrastructure – more popularly known as smart meters – closing a process that had taken place the better part of four years.

Honeywell offered a mesh communication system for the smart meters, while Core & Main offered a point-to-point system and had been the first choice for city staff and the Public Utilities Advisory Board from the beginning.

Both votes went 5-2, with council members John Perkins, Mike Huff, Karen DeLuccie and Tom Van Camp voting against both proposals.

Mayor Eileen Weir voted yes on both counts, joined by Curt Dougherty for the first vote regarding Honeywell and by Scott Roberson on Core & Main.

The city’s aim with smart meters was to save money. According to latest estimates the city could realize a net savings of $44 million over 15 years with the Core & Main deal, break even in about eight years and cut 15 full-time positions. With the Honeywell deal, 15-year savings project to be about $40.5 million, with a break-even point in nine years and 14 positions cut (one technician would be needed to maintain the mesh network).

[What was the meter lifespan claimed in the business case to get these savings figures?]

The PUAB considered Core & Main’s bid of just less than $29.45 million against that of Honeywell, which sat at just less than $31.3 million but had not yet finalized.

Van Camp and Huff said the city needs to focus more on appropriately closing the Blue Valley plant and replacing the energy capacity from that.

We have bigger problems in the city; we have a bill coming due,” Van Camp said, referring to Blue Valley reaching the end of its useful life. Smart meters, on the other hand, are a want and not a need right now, he said.

Huff said he didn’t think it’s necessary at all to replace the analog meters and that the upfront cost would hurt chances of reducing rates, as he doubted the city’s projections on long-term savings and wondered why there was a 15 percent contingency compared with the more standard 10 percent.

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AirPods: Are Apple’s new wireless earbuds safe?

From Electromagnetic Radiation Safety
March 27, 2019

Second-Generation AirPods

The newly-released second generation of Apple’s AirPods (aka AirPods 2) emit Bluetooth microwave radiation in the 2.402 – 2.480 GHz frequency range to communicate with a smart phone or other wireless device.

The Specific Absorption Rate (or SAR) for the right AirPod is 0.581 watts per kilogram (averaged over 1 gram). (1) The SAR for the left AirPod is 0.501 watts per kilogram. (2)

News about the potential health risks from use of wireless headsets first went viral in 2016 (see posts below). This story has gone viral again at this time for the following reasons:

  • Apple announced that it is taking orders for a new version of its wireless headset, AirPods (aka AirPods 2).
  • In the past year, two major studies found conclusive evidence that microwave radiation caused cancer in rats. These studies conducted by the National Toxicology Program in the U.S. and the Ramazzini Institute in Italy received worldwide media coverage.
  • The proliferation of new cell towers and antennas in preparation for the deployment of 5G, fifth generation cellular technology, has stimulated many people to seek out information about the health effects from exposure to the radiation these antennas emit on a 24-7 basis in their neighborhoods.
  • More people now realize we cannot trust governments to protect us from environmental toxins. Industry has too much influence over government regulatory agencies, and governments have conflicts of interest because the telecom industry pays governments substantial taxes and fees.

For some Bluetooth devices like Apple’s AirPods, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), a measure of the body’s maximum exposure to microwave radiation, exceeds that of many smart phones. Moreover, the cumulative exposure to radiation from wireless headsets may be substantial since many users keep these devices on their head for hours at a time and use them to listen to music or podcasts.

To see the rest of this post:

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Physics and toxicology expert: 5G plus self-driving cars creates opportunity for class-action lawsuit against telecoms and auto industry due to health effects. “How can you allow this?” (VIDEO + transcript)

Testimony of Dr. Paul Héroux PhD to the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee: Senate Bill 637 on 5G small cell towers. October, 4, 2018

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Dr. Paul Héroux PhD is a physicist and a toxicologist. He is Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism, McGill University. He is also the Director of the Occupational Health Program within the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health.


Chairman Gary Glenn: Our next witness is going to be Paul Héroux from McGill University. Again, you have 5 minutes, sir.

Dr. Paul Héroux:

I want to tackle the subject of insurance.

You know that neither Lloyd’s of London, nor Swiss Re will underwrite liability policies for electromagnetic radiation because they think the health risk is too great. In other words, they believe that when the lawyers get involved, and I know many of them, the companies who deliver this radiation to the public could be wiped-out.

By combining 5G and self-driving cars equipped with radar, you would create an exceptional opportunity for a class-action lawsuit against both telcos and the car industry.

I don’t know how you can support the deployment of 5G – a new cellular system that will seriously enhance human exposure to electromagnetic radiation – when you know what Dr.[Sharon] Goldberg just told you. And you know that the modulation that is introduced by 5G is a new threat on biological systems.

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Save the bees! 5G and the digital killing fields: Insect Inspector (VIDEO)

Today’s wireless radiation including 3G, 4G, and military use is linked to the catastrophic declines in insect life. What happens when 5G, using much higher and shorter frequencies, will be widespread and broadcast from space?

Insects will only survive if wireless radiation is dramatically reduced and 5G is stopped.

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The Insect Inspector Report – How we are all involved in industrial scale digital insecticide without knowing it. What does it mean for the future of humanity? The Insect Inspector reveals all.

EMF = electromagnetic fields

EMR = electromagnetic radiation



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ALERT: Feb. 27, OneWeb begins launching satellites to provide 5G and Wi-Fi

Tomorrow in French Guiana, OneWeb plans to launch the first 6 of 900 satellites to blanket the Earth in 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi. The launch is planned for 1:37 PM PST, From the company website

Liftoff is scheduled at exactly:

  • 4:37 p.m., in Washington, D.C.

  • 6:37 p.m., in Kourou, French Guiana

  • 21h37 Universal Time (UTC)

  • 10:37 p.m., in Paris

  • 0:37 a.m., in Moscow on February 28, 2019

  • 6:37 a.m., in Tokyo on February 28, 2019. 

This will be a health and environmental disaster.

Microwave radiation impacts biological organisms including bees, birds, trees, and humans, damaging DNA, breaching the blood-brain barrier, impacting the heart and immune, neurological, hormone, blood, and reproductive systems, and may damage chitin. It is a carcinogen. 5Th generation wireless — 5G — will especially impact insects due to the wavelength of the frequencies.

Richard Branson is an investor in this project. Elon Musk’s company SpaceX plans to send 1000s of satellites into orbit, beginning in June. Other companies have also been approved by the FCC.

The many rocket launches will also severely damage the atmosphere and ozone layer.

Please publicly oppose this devastating project.

Hundreds of doctors and scientists have signed international appeals to stop 5G and space-based systems.– see below.

Environmental, spiritual, health, and consumer groups and leaders are urgently needed to speak up and publicly oppose 5G and these devastating projects.

Their original press release for an earlier launch that was cancelled is here:

One additional element: these satellites will dramatically raise the noise floor — increasing ambient RF — making it much more difficult for emergency personnel — police, fire, ambulances, dispatchers — to communicate via their RF equipment.

Recent international appeals opposing 5G and space-based Wi-Fi with details on the impacts:

International Appeal: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, 2018
Scientists, physicians and other professional signatories listed

EU Appeal–Scientists and Doctors Appeal for 5G Moratorium: Warn of Potential Serious Health Effects of 5G, 2017
Initial signatures: over 180 scientists and doctors

Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) letter to European Commission, 2016. signed by experts and citizens

Appeal to the UN and member nations, 2015,
247 scientists have signed as of January 2019
Issued a statement in 2017 on 5G

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