Neptune smart/AMI water meters have 1-watt pulses

Showcased in 2018 by Neptune Technology Group, these AMI meters send 1-watt microwave radiation pulses every 7 ½ minutes, as well as 100 mW pulses every 14 seconds. The 1-watt pulses are for fixed network data collectors – eg. “small cell” towers in the public right of way.

Even if a water company only has an AMR system at present – with drive-by or walking data collection — these meters will automatically transmit 1-watt pulses as if there was “small cell” infrastructure or nodes to receive them, with no need for “any type of MIU reprogramming or reconfiguration” later.

Neptune describes these 1-watt pulses as “high-power”. Electrical engineers I’ve spoken with confirm these are high power, such as from equipment 2+ miles away. These 1-watt transmitters will be inside homes and in sidewalks, with constant, close public access.

The meters are also 2-way communicating.

The R900® MIU unit is the RF transmitter unit, and is connected to the battery-powered water meter (eg. T-10), which has its own digital mechanics.

Spec sheet for R900® MIU

From the Neptune website:

Why the R900® MIU?

A single radio frequency unit, Neptune’s R900® MIU features an interleaved, high-power, 1-watt fixed network message that reduces infrastructure costs while allowing reading in any mode – walk-by, mobile, or fixed network – without separate reading systems, site visits, or any type of MIU reprogramming or reconfiguration. Available in both wall and pit mount configurations, the R900 MIU greatly improves access to meter readings, and delivers detailed consumption information as well as alerts for leak or backflow, helping your utility more proactively identify and resolve customers’ questions. “

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Boiling point: CPUC considers converting Pacific Gas and Electric into a publicly owned utility; sweeping measures proposed to resolve chronic safety problems

Investigation 15-08-019 (I.15-08-019)

Order Instituting Investigation on the Commission’s Own Motion to Determine
Whether Pacific Gas and Electric Company and PG&E Corporation’s Organizational Culture and Governance Prioritize Safety.

Given PG&E’s record and the dangers inherent in PG&E’s service territory, the Commission must evaluate whether there is a better way to serve Northern California with safe and reliable electric and gas service at just and reasonable rates.

Press release:

Scoping memo and ruling:

Excerpts from the Scoping Memo –

“1. Principles

Continuous, safe, and reliable gas and electric service at just and reasonable rates must be provided to Northern California in order to protect human life and sustain prosperity…The Commission will examine PG&E’s and PG&E Corporation’s (PG&E Corp.) current corporate governance, structure, and operations to determine if the utility is positioned to provide safe electrical and gas service, and will review alternatives to the current management and operational structures of providing electric and gas service in Northern California…

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Electrical engineer testifies to Iowa Utility Board in challenge to Alliant (IPL) Smart Meter roll-out and Sensus non-compliance to FCC Class B Specs (VIDEO)

Engineer Bill Bathgate testified to the Iowa Utility Board on December 5, 2018. His testimony is on video #6 and starts at 1:43:40

He makes reference to these exhibits:

Exhibit 51
Exhibit 215
Exhibit 216

From Fairfield Safe Meters:

Iowa Utility Board Hearing Videos:  Click here to watch

Fairfield challenges Alliant Energy (IPL).

Fairfield took on Alliant Energy (IPL is the parent company) November 5 and 6, and December 5, 2018. These videos give a very interesting inside look at Alliant’s plans for the smart meter rollout and why we are fighting so hard to stop it. There are many riveting cross examinations by Fairfield’s lawyers.


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Iowa: Residents testify in state capitol this week against Alliant Smart Meter roll-out

For information, go to Fairfield Safe Meters

Fairfield Ledger 
Fairfield residents head to Des Moines to testify on smart meters
December 3, 2018

Several Fairfield residents will travel to Des Moines this week to provide testimony on smart meters before the Iowa Utilities Board.

Alliant Energy – Interstate Power and Light Company plans to swap out its analog and digital meters in favor of “smart” meters that transmit usage data via radio frequency.

Witnesses both for and against the move have testified before the Iowa Utilities Board, the administrative body that will decide whether to allow Alliant Energy to make the change. At the conclusion of the most recent hearing Nov. 5-6, not all of the remaining witnesses were called to testify. The eight remaining witnesses will testify at the board’s next meeting Wednesday.

One of the eight witnesses will be a representative from Alliant Energy. The other seven oppose smart meters, and will ask the board to deny Alliant Energy’s request.

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Oregon county bans Smart Meter opt-out fees; state utility commission takes legal action


Josephine County Commissioners adopt Smart Meter ordinance

By Emma Balkenbush
October 31, 2018

VIDEO at link below

The Josephine County Utility Regulation Ordinance is meant to stop public utility companies like Pacific Power from charging a monthly fee to those who want to opt out of smart meters.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Josephine County Board of Commissioners adopted ordinance 2018-006 Wednesday. You can click here  to read the ordinance in full.

The Josephine County Utility Regulation Ordinance is meant to stop public utility companies like Pacific Power from charging a monthly fee to those who want to opt out of smart meters.

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Retired NIH scientist: FDA downplaying clear evidence of cellphone-cancer link

From The Hill 
November 13, 2018

There’s a clear cell phone-cancer link, but FDA is downplaying it

By Ronald Melnick, opinion contributor
The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill

A recent study by the National Toxicology Program/National Institutes of Health (NTP/NIH) shows clear evidence of a causal link between cancer and exposure to wireless cell phone signals. Results from the $30 million NTP studies demonstrated that cell phone radiation caused Schwann cell cancers of the heart and brain gliomas in rats, as well as DNA damage in the brain.

In NIH’s news release, NTP senior scientist John Bucher said, “We believe that the link between radio frequency radiation and tumors in male rats is real and the external experts agreed.” But, amazingly, the FDA says it disagrees with this carefully conducted, peer-reviewed study’s finding of clear evidence of carcinogenicity.

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5G “epidemic” to hit Sacramento, also Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis

By Nina Beety
October 25, 2018

Officials may say it was a bad flu with strange features that hit Sacramento residents, and that vaccines could not prevent it. They may even blame foreign actors. But the real and very simple explanation will be that Verizon’s 5G roll-out in California’s capitol has severe public health repercussions, just as predicted by international scientists and physicians. These reactions to 5th generation pulsed microwave radiation frequencies will also be experienced in Los Angeles, Houston, and Indianapolis. They are all test subjects in the first large-scale 5G experiments on U.S. populations without full disclosure or express consent.

Pogo said, “We have met the enemy…” This 5G experiment is being conducted by the FCC, the wireless industry and the city of Sacramento, despite California Department of Public Health and the National Institutes of Health research showing present exposures are fraught with risk. State legislators exempted fire stations from 4G/5G “small cell” infrastructure last year in Senate Bill 649 due to the health effects, and granted ADA accommodation at hearings for those disabled by electromagnetic sensitivities. City officials are ignoring the huge public costs from this dense roll-out, despite ample evidence.

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