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2 minutes’ exposure to 900 MHz causes blood-brain barrier breaches

From Cell Phone Task Force THE WORK OF LEIF SALFORD Since Allan Frey, whose work is also highlighted here, discovered in 1975 that microwave radiation causes the blood-brain barrier to leak, at least a dozen laboratories throughout the world have … Continue reading

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More on the blood-brain barrier: lower power exposures have wider impact

…A weaker pulse mimics the signals of the body and [is] therefore recognised. …It doesn’t seem to matter how long you talk on a cellular phone; the blood-brain-barrier is opened at once.  The worst damage in these experiments was from … Continue reading

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The Blood-Brain Barrier – “Keep Out”

Microwaves open the blood-brain barrier… From Neuroscience for Kids Dr. Eric H. Chudler, University of Washington More than 100 years ago it was discovered that if blue dye was injected into the bloodstream of an animal, that tissues of the whole … Continue reading

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Autism study finds alterations in both blood-brain barrier and intestinal permeability; autism is “fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S.”

“Although we are fairly certain that there is a genetic component, there are many pathways for an individual to arrive at autism’s final destination. ” — Alessio Fasano, MD From Massachusetts General Hospital Press Release January 18, 2017 Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) … Continue reading

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Effects of EMR on the brain, glands, and respiration. The links to obesity.

From Foods Matter Two extracts from Dr Andrew Goldsworthy’s much longer paper, The biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields – problems and solutions. Electromagnetic radiation, obesity and chronic fatigue Gland cells (thyroid, adrenal etc) may be particularly sensitive to radiation … Continue reading

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