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More on the blood-brain barrier: lower power exposures have wider impact

…A weaker pulse mimics the signals of the body and [is] therefore recognised. …It doesn’t seem to matter how long you talk on a cellular phone; the blood-brain-barrier is opened at once.  The worst damage in these experiments was from … Continue reading

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Autism study finds alterations in both blood-brain barrier and intestinal permeability; autism is “fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S.”

“Although we are fairly certain that there is a genetic component, there are many pathways for an individual to arrive at autism’s final destination. ” — Alessio Fasano, MD From Massachusetts General Hospital Press Release January 18, 2017 Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) … Continue reading

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Activated glial cells cause pain and inflammation – more clues on the health effects of Smart Meters and wireless radiation

More on all-important glial cells. From Medical Xpress Pain-initiating function of glial cells identified for the first time November 11, 2016 The sensation of pain occurs when neural pathways conduct excitation generated by tissue damage to the spinal cord, where … Continue reading

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Biomarkers for electromagnetic sensitivity / electro-hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) is the United States Access Board’s term for  electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). From EMF Analysis It has been known since 2002 that our bodies react to non-thermal EMF exposure without our conscious awareness. This makes the flawed subjective psychological … Continue reading

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