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Making it up: Italian epidemiologist claims powerline EMFs safe, including for pregnant women, despite the research

From Microwave News January 9, 2016 Making It Up As He Goes Along Paolo Boffetta, Italian Epidemiologist, Distorts Power Line Risks Facts don’t seem to mean much anymore. We live in a “post-truth” time. As 2017 opened for business, a … Continue reading

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Research finds power-frequency EMFs promote cancer in massive animal study

From Microwave News Italians Call for a “Reevaluation of the Safety of Non-Ionizing Radiation” February 27, 2016 Last updated February 28, 2016 Once again, power-frequency magnetic fields have been found to act as a cancer promoter. Eighteen months ago an … Continue reading

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FOX 5 News: Wi-Fi health issues in Maryland schools (VIDEO)

Safe Tech for Schools Maryland parents featured in this report. http://safetechforschoolsmaryland.blogspot.com http://safetechforschoolsmaryland.blogspot.com/2016/02/fox-5-news-parents-concerned-about-wifi.html  

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New York Times fails to report conflicts of interest in coverage of power line health issue

By Paul Brodeur, former staff writer at the New Yorker Published in Huffington Post, December 12, 2014 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-brodeur/new-york-times-power-line-coverage_b_6314400.ht ml In recent days, employees of The New York Times have posted no fewer than three pieces on the newspaper’s website, asserting … Continue reading

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