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“More than a coincidence”: new large study finds malignant heart tumors from RF exposure, just like the NTP

This study like the NTP subjected the animals to whole body exposure. Whole body exposure is the type of exposure from a cell tower  or Wi-Fi or Smart Meters. From Microwave News “More than a coincidence” — Major new animal … Continue reading

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Peer review in the raw: N.P. Singh, the comet assay and “Radiation Research”

From Microwave News April 27, 2017 This story was 20 years in the making. If you want to know what it has been like to do research on the potential health effects of cell phone radiation, please read this story. … Continue reading

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Making it up: Italian epidemiologist claims powerline EMFs safe, including for pregnant women, despite the research

From Microwave News January 9, 2016 Making It Up As He Goes Along Paolo Boffetta, Italian Epidemiologist, Distorts Power Line Risks Facts don’t seem to mean much anymore. We live in a “post-truth” time. As 2017 opened for business, a … Continue reading

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