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New report: Fire and electrical hazards of Smart Meters and digital utility meters

Smart Meters and other digital utility meters are electronic devices which vary considerably from traditional analog electromechanical meters. Differences in design and function, including basic design flaws ignoring National Electrical Code rules, create an enormous fire and electrical hazard in … Continue reading

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Australia: Two-way Smart Meters are vulnerable to hacking

Another security report on Smart Meters. Unlike Canberra, a high percentage of Smart Meters in the U.S. are two-way. Once a surveillance-capable device is attached to a building, there is no longer any privacy. There is only a “confidentiality agreement” … Continue reading

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Just takes the click of a mouse – disconnections soar after Smart Meters’ installed, even in winter; public unprotected; typical across industry?

From The Tyee, British Columbia By Andrew MacLeod June 9, 2016 Meters made it possible for utility to unplug power remotely, says spokesperson. In the years following the introduction of smart meters, BC Hydro disconnected about six times as many customers … Continue reading

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Smart Meter remote connect/disconnect switch — a possible fire hazard

There are many reasons for Smart Meter fires, based on investigations. The most serious are problems inherent to the Smart Meters themselves or their operation. Sage Associates Fire produced this report in July 2010 Portland General Electric is removing 70,000 … Continue reading

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