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Breaking: California Supreme Court affirms municipal authority to regulate utilities and right-of-way ‘small cell’ towers

April 4, 2019, the California Supreme Court published an opinion supporting municipal authority to make regulations on so-called ‘small cell’ PROW (public right of way, aka ROW) towers and uses of the public’s right-of-way. This opinion affirms the 2016 appellate … Continue reading

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The fight for disabled rights – the 1977 504 sit-in and protests (VIDEO)

Civil rights for the disabled are a recent achievement. The disabled in many ways were excluded from ordinary participation in society. Their civil rights were only secured by much hard work, outreach, and protests, and it is still a partial … Continue reading

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Annual conference highlights cozy relationship between utility regulators and industry

No mission statement could so clearly spell out the goals and objectives of utility regulatory commissioners as their actions this week at their annual conference held in San Francisco. The National Association of Utility Regulatory Commissioners — NARUC — is … Continue reading

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