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U.S. commissioners vote tomorrow on industry-friendly resolutions on Smart Grid, nuclear energy, power plant emissions — update

Update 12-20-14: The resolutions were adopted. Here is the link to the final resolutions — http://www.naruc.org/Resolutions/14%201119%20NARUC%20Board%20Substantive%20Resolutions%20Packet.pdf ————————————————————————— November 18, 2014 – These resolutions, if adopted, become the official position of United States utility regulatory commissions. Click to access 14%201117-NARUC-Board-Substantive-Resolutions-Packet.pdf Write … Continue reading

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Annual conference highlights cozy relationship between utility regulators and industry

No mission statement could so clearly spell out the goals and objectives of utility regulatory commissioners as their actions this week at their annual conference held in San Francisco. The National Association of Utility Regulatory Commissioners — NARUC — is … Continue reading

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