U.S. commissioners vote tomorrow on industry-friendly resolutions on Smart Grid, nuclear energy, power plant emissions — update

Update 12-20-14:
The resolutions were adopted. Here is the link to the final resolutions — http://www.naruc.org/Resolutions/14%201119%20NARUC%20Board%20Substantive%20Resolutions%20Packet.pdf

November 18, 2014

These resolutions, if adopted, become the official position of United States utility regulatory commissions.

Click to access 14%201117-NARUC-Board-Substantive-Resolutions-Packet.pdf

Write your utility commission today to oppose these resolutions. They vote at 10:30 AM Pacific Time. Calling your commission (PUC public advisor’s office in California; different titles for different states) will get you registered as a “yes” or “no” only. To send comments on these resolutions, send them by email as well.

In California, it’s public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov 415-703-2074 (press “0” to get an operator)

All of these resolutions affect us.

TC-1 Resolution on Utilities Access to Spectrum to Promote Public Safety
This asks for RF spectrum for the communications network of the Smart Grid.

EL-1 Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Nuclear Power in Meeting Greenhouse Gas Goals
This states that nuclear energy is a necessary part of “green” energy.

WC-1, ERE-1, GS-1 Resolutions Regarding the Water-Energy Nexus
These assert state authority and is a mixed bag of issues. It gives a passing kudo to fracking and “regulating” it, which means allowing it with a thin veneer of rules – California proposed “regulations” are a good example. It also asks for leniency on emissions from power plants if other state goals are met, such as “clean” energy.

These resolutions are tied into a resolution they passed in 2013[i] and is also tied into NI-1 on nuclear energy (there are very hazardous ongoing emissions from nuclear plants the public is unaware of). It would continue the water waste at power plants from lenient rules.

The resolutions will be input to the EPA and the FCC from the U.S. utility commissioners.

Take action if you oppose these resolutions.

[i] http://www.naruc.org/Resolutions/Resolution%20on%20Increased%20Flexibility%20with%20Regard%20to%20the%20EPAs%20Regulation%20of%20Greenhouse%20Gas%20Emissions%20from%20Existing%20Power%20Plants.pdf


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