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Ohio: “Brace yourself”; high bills for many Duke Energy customers despite warm winter

The news channel did not investigate this, and instead allowed Duke Energy airtime for public relations. From WCPO Why your Duke bill’s so high, despite warm month Don’t Waste Your Money John Matarese January 24, 2017 Video at http://www.wcpo.com/48201a4a-7fb6-40c0-a1be-05624825ad39 Segment … Continue reading

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Canada: Smart Meter logs 130 kW hours during power outage

From CBC News Hydro One meter drives up electricity bill during power outage, customer says By Jeff Walters November 23, 2016 A snowstorm near Thunder Bay, Ont. knocked out power to thousands of Hydro One customers over the past weekend, but the … Continue reading

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High water bills in Georgia halt installation of malfunctioning Sensus ‘smart’ water meters

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution DeKalb halts installation of so-called “smart” water meters By Mark Niesse – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution October 11, 2016 So-called “smart” water meters are malfunctioning across DeKalb County, leading to the high utility bills that prompted a … Continue reading

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Colorado: Energy bill quadrupled after Xcel installed “Smart” Meter

Protest a high bill and report it to the consumer affairs or attorney general’s office in your state or province. There is usually an appeal process where a customer does not have to pay the contested amount. This information is … Continue reading

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Arizona overbilling problems: ‘I couldn’t believe it…how could it be that high?’

Notice the utility company uses the term “concerns” which has no legal standing and downplays the real issues he is raising. But importantly, the utility company admits overbilling is a widespread problem. “Many of our customers…have similar concerns.” Customers should … Continue reading

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Canada: Residents demand answers from town council over high water bills and ‘leak’ notices

Received from Kindersley, Saskatchewan: We are getting insanely high water bills in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. The consumption levels are so high homes should be flooding and we are getting bills to match. Residents are starting to get disconnection notices. People here … Continue reading

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Canada: Hydro customer charged more than $600 despite turning off heat, showering at the gym

This is the new line from the utility company: the prior tenant had the same bill. The reporter doesn’t recount the typical high bill problems with Smart Meters. It’s been a month. Where is the follow-up story? What about the seniors and … Continue reading

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