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Project Censored Radio interview with Smart Meter experts

Project Censored Radio, April 17, 2015: https://kpfa.org/episode/project-censored-april-17-2015/ Join hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips as they discuss Smart Meters, Mass Surveillance, and Public Health Concerns. They’ll look at some of the controversies surrounding Smart Meters, including those revealed in emails … Continue reading

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U.S. federal attorneys must investigate California Public Utilities Commission

Los Angeles Daily News, January 19, 2015 Editorial by Thomas Elias Memo to U.S. attorneys in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego: It’s high time you investigate the former president and some current members and officials of the California … Continue reading

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PG&E’s nuclear reactors should be shut down, says US Nuclear Regulatory Commission expert

Diablo Canyon NPP, near San Luis Obispo, California, should be shut down pending a safety review, says NRC senior federal nuclear expert Michael Peck in an internal report that was finally made public by Friends of the Earth August 25 . … Continue reading

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Shareholder lawsuit goes ahead against PG&E executives in San Bruno explosion

Excerpts: Superior Court Judge Steven Dylina said shareholders who began suing the company three years ago can now compel executives to testify under oath in depositions and collect evidence as they seek to prove that officials’ mismanagement exposed stockholders to … Continue reading

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Smart Meter remote connect/disconnect switch — a possible fire hazard

There are many reasons for Smart Meter fires, based on investigations. The most serious are problems inherent to the Smart Meters themselves or their operation. Sage Associates Fire produced this report in July 2010 Portland General Electric is removing 70,000 … Continue reading

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California governor’s top staff are PG&E executives

Why has Governor Jerry Brown refused to fire CPUC Chairman Michael Peevey, formerly President of Southern California Edison? The San Bruno explosion and ongoing investigations have brought many of the longstanding issues and internal problems at the CPUC into the open. The … Continue reading

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How many RF pulses per day from a Smart Meter?

Utility companies have repeatedly claimed that their Smart Meters emit Only 6 times a day Less than a minute Only a few minutes each hour (Southern California Edison — SCE) Once every 4-6 hours (Pepco) “Does not continuously broadcast all … Continue reading

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