Michigan: Sen. Patrick Colbeck talks about security problems and other threats with Smart Meters

8 minute testimony by Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck on the vulnerabilities of smart meters. He has a highly technical background in aerospace and states what many of us have said for years regarding their threats to individuals and the grid.

His testimony was in support of House Bill 4220 for opt-outs.

At the end of his testimony Rep. Darrin Camilleri asked:

…I guess my question revolves around the issue of national security. So if other states are using Smart Meters, which they are, and they’re already susceptible to hacking the grid, as they are — this is the concern we’re raising today — what would change if Michigan were to go away from Smart Meters, having only analog meters? And how would that impact national security?

Sen. Colbeck:

Well, first of all, it would take one point of failure out of the equation. So that’s the Smart Meter, which is that basic building block.


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